Li’l Skirts™ Rocks!

5 Reasons to Become a Li’l Skirts Stylist Maven

1. Start your own business with no personal money investment in inventory!

What!  I can open a pop up boutique trunk show featuring between $5000-$12,000 worth of one of a kind, handmade in the USA quality products for sale with no personal money required down?

Yes that’s correct! Li’l Skirts™ is a sisterhood of traveling skirts!  Li’l Skirts™ Stylist Mavens receive between $5000-$12,000 worth of Li’l Skirts™ inventory for them to sell at their Li’l Skirts™ Trunk Show, then after their show the stylist ships the inventory to the next trunk show, & Li’l Skirts™ pays all shipping!

2. Run your own business on your own schedule and make your own hours!
What- No boss!  No time clock?

That’s right! Li’l Skirts™ Stylist Mavens make their own hours!  Work as much or as little as you want.  Schedule Li’l Skirts™ Trunk Shows at your convenience.

3.  Receive valuable training and tools for your new business!
So maybe you did not graduate from Harvard Business School, or maybe you did, but you can do this!

Li’l Skirts™ Stylist Maven Businesses come with free admission into Li’l Skirts™ Stylist University- where you will receive valuable Stylist Training, tools for your new business and ongoing Stylist Support!

4. Open your own Li’l Skirts™ online store, plus receive free Li’l Skirts™ Stylist Marketing!
Well, I do have my own Facebook Page but….

Li’l Skirts™ Design and Marketing Team will get the word out about your Li’l Skirts™ Trunk Shows!  Li’l Skirts™ markets your trunk shows for you! Plus, Stylist Mavens receive their own personal website already preloaded with lots of Li’l Skirts™ inventory!  Yes, your very own online store!

Start selling Li’l Skirts™ worldwide today!

5. It’s Guaranteed!

We guarantee you will love your new Li’l Skirts™ Stylist business!

If after signing the Li’l Skirts™ Stylist Agreement, and fulfilling the 3 month initial time period you are not completely satisfied

  • Li’l Skirts™ will refund half of your Stylist Enrollment Fee, plus buy back 4 unwashed unworn Li’l Skirts™ @ $44 each.

A Few Requirements:

1)  You must be ethical, honest, friendly, approachable, kind to everyone (including small animals!) and have a positive outlook on life.

2)  You must have basic computing skills— internet access and a droid app phone or iphone/ ipad are required to process sales, ability to weigh and ship boxes of inventory (scale & printer).


Launched in June of 2013, Li’l Skirts™ is growing extremely fast­!
Join our Sisterhood of Traveling Li’l Skirts™ today!

Li’l Skirts™ Stylist Maven Opportunity-
Is Li’l Skirts™ right for me?

You love your work but want to supplement your income offering Li’l Skirts™ fashion, accessories and handcrafted gifts—all MADE IN THE USA—to your social network of friends!

You are a stay at home mom that wants to earn extra income but still have free time for family!

You are interested in booking one to two trunk shows per month (home trunk shows or holiday bazaars, festivals, etc.) with a minimum sales goal of 30 skirts per month, or equivalent total sales revenue of $1500 to $2500 per month.  You may share the opportunity recruiting other Stylist Mavens so you can enjoy override commissions from their sales but are never required to do so!  Average commissions at home trunk shows and events are $40 to $100 per hour!

Whether you’re someone interested in a little extra income or you’re looking to build a new empire, Li’l Skirts™ provides a unique MADE IN THE USA handcrafted product line and our unique IMMEDIATE DELIVERY trunk show model makes it easy to offer our goods to your social network of friends!  Unlike other trunk show opportunities, your friends won’t leave your trunk show empty handed (or simply holding a completed order form for their “made somewhere overseas” goods!)

Because all Li’l Skirts™ handcrafted products are one-of-a-kind and MADE IN THE USA, your customers leave a trunk show with their shopping bag full of the products they select!  You are able to enjoy more sales because you can capture impulse purchases by proudly offering your friends and customers our unique handcrafted items!  It’s like setting up a popup “Li’l Skirts™ Handcrafted Boutique,” selling your inventory on hand with no order taking necessary!  You will automatically receive a refill from Li’l Skirts™ to replace the items you sold within a couple of weeks!


We offer the most unique opportunity in the trunk show market—we make it EASY to enjoy that extra income or a new business.

Our mission at Li’l Skirts™ is to provide a venue for our own and other unique handcrafted MADE IN THE USA goods to reach the home trunk show market and to offer the opportunity to other mom‘preneurs and women‘preneurs to enjoy the FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY that a home based business offers while having FUN doing so!


Break it Down Again


  • No investment in inventory– when a Stylist books a Li’l Skirts Trunk Show they receive, shipped to their door, between $5,000-$14,000 of Li’l Skirts™ inventory for them to sell at their own personal “pop up” boutique.  After the Trunk Show the Stylist ships the inventory on to the next busy Li’l Skirts™ Stylist.
    Li’l Skirts™ even pays the shipping!
  • No delivery of customers orders– each Li’l Skirt™ is one of a kind and trunk show guests take home their purchases from the show so you do not have to deliver your customers their orders!
    That’s right- you do not need to chase your customers around town with a carload of skirts!  After your show, you just pack the Li’l Skirts™ inventory remaining and prepare for shipping.   Li’l Skirts™ emails you a prepaid label.  Heck- they can even arrange for the boxes to be picked up from your house!  It is that easy!
  • Excellent Training & Stylist 24/7 Support- each Li’l Skirts™ Stylist receives live training and continual Stylist support!  Li’l Skirts™ helps market all Stylist Trunk Shows, and will even apply and pay public event booth fees!


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The Li'l Skirts™ Guarantee


Li’l Skirts™ Stylist Enrollment Fee $995
September Special $795


What does my Li’l Skirts™ Stylist enrollment include?
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Hosting a Li’l Skirts™Trunk Show is a great way to get to sample our Li’l Skirts™ product lines, and experience the fun home trunk show business. Home Trunk Shows provide a fun atmosphere where friends gather to socialize and shop! Each Li’l Skirt™ is one of a kind and the customer takes home the product from the party.  There are no shipping fees or waiting times.

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