Li’l Skirts™ are reversible, one of a kind skirts handmade in Colorado.  Each Li’l Skirt™ features the SnapRap™ system, a double row of adjustable snaps.  Sure to fit any size.

Sassy Li’l Skirts™
Our original line of 100% cotton-  reversible, SnapRap™ Skirts, made with fun, flirty and functional fabrics.  Each Sassy Skirt is one of a kind and handmade in Colorado.


SchoolGirl Flannel Li’l Skirts™
100% cotton plaid flannel skirts.  Fabulous plaids that bring out a li’l schoolgirl in everyone.


Or your inner lumberjane!


Sno’Snugly™/ Sport Snugly Li’l Skirts™
Li’l Skirts™ made from recycled content, no pill polar fleece. Wrap your hips in a Sno’Snugly Skirt for the cold winter days.   These skirts are sno’ soft you won’t want to take it off!


Skipper Li’l Skirts™
Li’l Skirts™ featuring Madras Plaid matched with denim on the reverse side.

photo (9)


Spirit Skirts™
Li’l Skirts™ featuring your favorite team’s colors on one side and a handmatched marriage of fun fabrics on the reverse.

jen&steph pirate skirts

Pagosa Pirate Spirit Skirts™